Resource planning

Resource planning

Production capacities are always controlled!


  • Visualized planning board
  • Scheduling production resources
  • Transparency of production capacity
  • Better utilization of staff, machines etc.
  • Efficient planning of processes/operations


Maximum possible workloads and expensive production procedures are forcing more and more companies to look toward more efficient planning of operations. The OSD Resource planning replaces the often existing planning board completely, takes little time and always keeps manufacturing capacity transparent and visualized.

Interactive connection of areas and effect on relevant factors

The availability and utilization of all areas such as employees, machines, worksteps and departments are displayed in a clearly arranged screen. Each area can be visualized individually or in conjunction with one or more other areas. So all projects are displayed in connection with the task code (cost center) and/or with the employees. Changes in one area interactively affect the other areas. If a start date for a project is delayed the system interacts with the needed resources for task codes (cost centers) and employees. Thus you always keep your production capacities under control with OSD Resource planning.

With OSD Resource planning you observe and keep your deadlines.

All projects and related positions, task codes (cost centers) and worksteps from the OSD Time management are automatically imported in the program and optimized so that the available resources are used efficiently to adhere to deadlines. Fixed dates arranged with your customers will be considered high priority in your production process and the required capacity for this will be determined.

Plan your employees

The daily work time, vacation, holidays and other absences of the employees are also imported from the OSD Time management. Double maintenance and entering of data is avoided. The production order is important, which may be set in total for the entire company or individually for each project. This allows control of machine usage and task codes (cost centers) in the correct order. Staff scheduling is done either automatically by defining the skills of each employee in relation to the tasks/jobs or manually by “Drag & Drop” of the digital employee to a project and task code (cost center).

Identify available capacity!

Pleasant overviews allow a check on all available capacities at any time, and you can also prevent under utilization, bottlenecks in production processes and overload. The module helps to identify and optimize free capacity. Zoom functions allows customized screens and views.

Automatic data synchronization with projects of OSD Time management ensures that the hassle of input is reduced to a minimum and the system automatically reacts to changes, such as new orders, absence of employees and so on. This is because the OSD Time management records already worked hours (actual) on a project and for employees (present and absent).

Through the interlinked power of OSD modules the planning of resources takes little time to complete. The individual views of the workplace can be freely adjusted and varied depending on the particular tasks.

Project overview with positions and task codes (cost centers)

Through the view of projects with positions and cost centers (task codes) you are able to recognize which time period the projects are planned for in the production, with just a glance.

Task code (cost center) overview

The overview of cost centers (task codes) enables you to see which projects are processed on which cost center (task code) and how much capacity is still available in each cost center (task code).

Staff overview with histogram

The staff scheduling shows which skills the employees have, with which tasks they are entrusted with or if they are absent because of vacation, school or illness. It also shows which staff member is available to go on site. The bottom of the histogram shows, the total utilization of the company, if and where bottlenecks are happening and for which periods jobs can still be accepted.