Software for Start-ups

Software for Start-ups

We offer special payment conditions for young entrepreneurs

Starting your own business?

You are looking for suitable software to be used right from the beginning of your Start-up?

We support you as a young entrepreneur who takes the risk of establishing your own existence.
We will help you to handle the diverse tasks that come on you (e.g. calculation, reviews, order processing and much more) professionally and quickly.

All the important knowledge to start and to run a business is implemented in the modules of “OSD Branchenprogramm”. So you can use it from beginning of your self-employment.

The benefits are:

  • fast response to inquiries
  • time savings in all office activities
  • adaptation of OSD software to your operational requirements (modular structure of the OSD programs)
  • simple user interface – thus short training time
  • controlling the order processing
  • transparency of business operations

Start-up initiative

For you as a young entrepreneur we offer following special payment if you purchase OSD software:
⇒ You pay comfortably in three equal installments, spread over three years.


  1. Please make contact
  2. You get our quotation
  3. Send us the signed order confirmation & your business registration.
  4. Then delivery of OSD software takes place and
  5. You can start to run your own business quickly and easily with software support

Please notice!
Condition: The business registration must not be older than 1 year.


Please contact us.