Time data management

Mobile time recording

Mobile Time Solution

OSD MTS (with smartphone or tablet)


  • Web-based, mobile time recording via smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.
  • No installation required on the mobile device
  • No storage of data on the mobile device
  • Location-independent recording of times for employees, projects, overheads and breaks
  • Transfer of recorded times via Internet to the OSD Time management
  • Data transmission via local area network or Wi-Fi while recording the data in the company
  • Any use, also in combination with PDC terminals


OS Datensysteme provides with OSD Mobile time solution (OSD MTS) an additional way for mobil time recording besides OSD MDE.

  • OSD MTS: Web-based mobile time recording using standard devices such as smartphones, tablets.
  • Devices can be used by different employees
  • Advantage over other techniques: no installation on the mobile device is required, only access to the company network via the Internet or wireless network is necessary. In case of theft or loss of the device, the data is not lost because it’s not stored on the device.
  • Recorded times are entered and evaluated immediately in the company (with the program OSD Time management)
  • Users have all time types available: projects and non-billable hours/overheads, breaks, begin and end of work etc.
  • Employees may correct their own times (summery of day or month, vacation status, remaining vacation days, banked overtimes etc.) depending on their rights/permissions (set in OSD Basic utilities). Authorized persons can also change times that are not their own.
  • New projects can be created on site with just a few entries, if there arises an additional order or job.


  • Recording
    • Begin / End work
    • Project and position
    • Cost center (task code)
    • Time intervals (time entry)
    • Overheads (non-billable hours)
    • Hours of a group
    • Break hours
  • Overview of time records
  • Creation of new projects

Group hours

The record of group hours can be made by a team leader for the entire group. The employees can be summarized to group and be changed at any time directly on the mobile device.

Time recording

Besides the recording of exact times, it is also possible to enter a time interval – almost like on the conventional manual time sheet. The employee enters the time used on a project in “hours” or “minutes” (for example, 2 hours on project x). This is particularly used for the subsequent entering of times.

For an individual, clear presentation of the data, the user can change the column settings or the order of data fields.

Performance + Benefits

  • Web based time recording
  • Mobile time recording via smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.
  • Data record with barcode scanner possible
  • Warning when working hours are exceeded, e.g. to respect rest periods
  • No installations required on the mobile device
  • No data will stored on the mobile device
  • Location-independent recording of employee, project, overhead and break times
  • Transfer of the recorded times via the Internet to the OSD time management


Mobile data entry

OSD MDE (with laser scanner)


  • Mobile time recording with the MDE laser scanner
  • Easy to use
  • Any use, also in combination with PDC terminals, TTR/TZE and MTS


The Mobile data entry with laser/barcode scanner or short OSD MDE is a part of the OSD Time data management for recording times.

The data can be recorded with a mobile MDE laser scanner at any location. Mobile time recording with MDE or MTS may be used on a site or on a large shop floor to reduce the walking times.


  • With the MDE you are scanning bar codes for orders, cost centers/task codes and employees. If every employee uses its own MDE, programmed to them personally, the scanning of the employee number is not necessary. The evaluation and further processing takes place in the OSD Time management.
  • Projects can be defined as standard in MDE laser scanner.
  • The MDE laser scanner is easy to handle with audible and visual status and through dialogue navigation on display.
  • Any number of employees can be stored as an assembly team. During data entry, a posting is then created for each of the employees.
  • You can use any number of MDE laser scanners also in combination with the new web-based OSD Mobile time solution (OSD MTS), or the stationary time recording with PDC (BDE) terminals or TTR (TZE).

*Please send us an inquiry to make sure that PDC hardware and software are available for your country.