Production planning

Panel cutting optimization


  • Program for panel cutting
  • Determination of required material
  • Production rationalization through cutting optimization
  • Optimize stock


Using the OSD Panel cutting optimization you get an exact overview of the material requirement for one or more projects. This optimizes your stock and reduces waste. Expensive re-orders are not necessary due to exact material estimates.

Two options of data input for the optimized parts:

  • either by takeover of the workpiece data from the module OSD Calculation & parts lists
  • or by manually entering the parts which needs to be cut


Better purchase and production rationalization are advantages of the program. The employee who is working at the beam saw (panel saw) receives the cutting plans calculated and printed with the program. This saves time and reduces material waste!

Before starting the first optimization, the dimensions of the new and remaining sheet goods and the required basic data has to be entered. The program considers the thickness of saw blades and the information if panels have an surface direction and if workpieces can be rotated.

Like the production lists of OSD Calculation & Parts lists, you can also customize the labels of the OSD Panel cutting optimization. So you can print the rough and finished dimensions, the parts lists position and the workpiece name.