Carcase generator (OSD Corpus+)

Carcase generator: OSD Corpus+

  • Intuitive tool for parametric design of 3D furniture (cabinets, shelves, office furniture, wall units etc.)
  • Simple planning and design
  • Usable without CAD system (OSD Spirit)
  • Accelerated concept and draft phase
  • More efficient and flexible planning
  • Savings of time and costs


Looking for an intuitive tool…

… which allows you to create parameterized 3D furniture such as cabinets, shelves/racks, office furniture, wall units simply with entering a few parameters?

Then the carcase generator OSD Corpus + is just the right tool for you!

With OSD Corpus+ you create quickly and easy 3D furnitures by entering parameters. The input of data in the carcase generator is simplified by graphical presentations in a 3D viewer window. Together with the OSD CNC Generator you can generate all required CNC programs and complete parts lists with supplier-independent hardware, sheet goods, edges and surface materials automatically.

The time-consuming and manual creation of parts list is now no longer needed. Also errors made by manual entering of part lists are avoided.

Depending on the tasks and requirements of your company it is possible to use OSD Corpus+ without any CAD System (like OSD SPIRIT)*. For the application itself no CAD skills are needed. OSD Corpus+ is directly connected to the “OSD Branchenprogramm” (they use the same database). This means: all the entered materials/hardware can be used further on.

Corpus+ only works togethter with the OSD module Calculation & parts lists (sold seperately)


Scope of performance

  • Parametric input / design; manufacturing standards can be saved in templates and used again
  • Various designs with OSD Corpus+: all major carcase structures can be created in straight or angled versions like knee wall / attic cabinet.
  • Material assignment within the carcase generator: materials can be saved in templates and changed or extended easily at any time. Veneer direction and edges (before or after finishing) can be defined for each component.
  • Material data including data technology: access to electronic media catalogues with material specific (price, supplier, article number, weight…) and technological data (CNC information) from various suppliers, such as Blum, Grass, Häfele, Hettich, Wurth. The user has also the option to enter their own materials incl. technology data.
  • Edge pulls: edge pulls in different versions can be choosen in addition to the standard handles, such as appliance or recessed pulls.
  • Knee wall / attic cabinet
  • Sliding doors: various applications of sliding doors are available: infront, inbetween, mixed fronts or flush fronts.
  • Vertical opening systems / hardware for flaps: users have the ability to use various hardware such as bi-fold, lift-up, parallel lift-up, swing-up opening system from a lot of suppliers.
  • Material exchange function: this function detects the unknown materials in the OSD database and replaces them automatically
  • Visualization of planning: immediatel visualization of planning results, constant control of planning: 3D view in real time (o2c player); real view of textures from the OSD material database
  • Carcase and field partitions: customizable fields and partition of carcase: unlimited number of subdivisions of the carcase by using fixed shelves, center gables / dividers, adjustable shelves etc.
  • Fronts: different design of the fronts possible: frame, glass fronts, fixed fronts
  • Constructions of back panel and gable: all regular back panel and gable constructions customizable: grooved, rabbeted, inset and outset, groove / rabbet combination; individually for each field
  • Filler types: for each application, a matching filler type is available, which can be selected for each side individually.
  • Individual processes per component: additional processes can be generated for each component, such as cutouts, holes, individual hardware etc.
  • Shelfpin holes and drilling groups can be arranged indiviual for each field give maximum flexibility for the design and for subsequent assembly of the carcase.
  • Drawer types: all current drawer types are available. Due to several plausibility checks during construction errors can be avoided
  • Base/kick types and hardware: for each carcase any kick type with or without various hardware can be used



 Take advantage of the many benefits of OSD Corpus+

Cost and time savingsParameterized furniture design
Quick introduction phaseSelf-explaining operation
Efficient design control and benefits in the acquisition phase3D visualization (preview function): Image preview in customer documents; integration in estimate for example
Quick, accurate generation of parts listsParameter entry is more exact, compared to manual creation of parts lists (sheet goods, surface materials, edges and hardware)
Avoiding calculation / design errorsPlausibility check for hardware and construction
Standardization of the production process through the use of OSD Corpus+Use individual standards of construction and hardware
Library for optimal organization of common carcase types (time saving)With a well-organized library new carcase variants can be built faster
Flexibility: More editing in OSD SPIRIT (CAD) possibleFurniture generated by OSD Corpus+ can be edited or expanded in OSD SPIRIT
Individuality of OSD Corpus+OSD Corpus+ offers the possibility to take care of individual requirements. Additional processing such as cut-outs or specific hardware can be easily generated directly in the carcase generator
Automated generating of CNC programs. This saves time and money and increase the reliability of the production processAutomatic generation of CNC programs for all common types of machines: the components can be placed directly on the machine without post-processing*
Flexible use of OSD Corpus+Using OSD Corpus+ without OSD SPIRIT (CAD) is possible
Interlinked, no data redundancyOSD Corpus+ together with the “OSD-Branchenprogramm” is a winning team:
from design via parts lists and calculation to cutting optimization and CNC machining center
Direct access to technical data for productionAvailability of material and technical data from all leading suppliers / manufacturers are available online for download in the customer-area.

* in connection with the OSD CNC Generator



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Optional expansions

with other OSD programs

OSD Customer order handling (OSD-Branchenprogramm)Visual planning results can be integrated in an estimate
CAD System (OSD SPIRIT)With OSD SPIRIT and OSD Corpus+ you can perfectly present a room or a wish of a customer. Changes can be made quickly and customer oriented. You can involve your customers directly in the planning phase. Different surfaces, handles and accessories brings the room to a “live experience” for your customer. Your design can also be shown photorealistic.
OSD Calculation & parts lists (OSD-Branchenprogramm)Parts lists data can be transferred directly from OSD Corpus+ to the OSD Calculation & parts: automatic creation and evaluation of parts lists and identifying of pricing
OSD visualPRO: High-end rendering, photorealisticThe use of modern methods for design and visualization brings an additional benefit for your company’s image. Advantages in the acquisition phase through 3D visualization: experiences have shown, that your customers decide faster for a job because of a realistic presentation of “their future furniture”.
OSD Ordering system (OSD-Branchenprogramm)Efficient monitoring of your orders, protecting your cash flow
OSD Panel cutting optimization (OSD-Branchenprogramm)More overview of the material needs for one or more projects; optimize your stock
OSD CNC Generator / single-part processing (OSD CAD/CAM technology)Technical and material data for the production of each object are usable through the direct linking to the OSD material database, such as veneers, surfaces, lacquers or edges and technical information for CNC machines. Transfer of data to the particular CNC machines of common manufacturers.

Interlinked software – full continuity