OSD CNC Generator

OSD CNC Generator

  • Control center to create CNC programs directly
  • Implementation of 3D design data in directly-bootable CNC programs
  • Automatic control of all production relevant parameters such as tools, RPM, feed etc. based on material and tool characteristics
  • Individual production strategies
  • Flexible adaptation
  • Individual control of dive in and dive out movements
  • Programs for primary and secondary processing: additional programs for rough cut can be generated for example for veneered components
  • Edge logic: considers already applied edges when generating cutting / routing processes
  • Management of serveral machines possible
  • All common types of machines and controls are supported
  • Further optimization of manufacturing processes are possible

Control center for CNC programs ready-to-use on machine

 From 3D design directly to the machine

Using the OSD CNC Generator, CNC programs for all standard machines and WOP systems can be created automatically by analyzing the 3D design data directly for the machine, no further modification necessary.

Due to the component properties and the assigned materials all required parameters such as feed rates, speeds, chip removal or tool selection automatically controlled.

If required, programs might be generated for multiple machines simultaneously. Thus, taking into account the machine utilization, short-term decisions for components to be machined are possible.

The OSD CNC Generator supports all common postprocessors or machines, such as: Biesse, Gannomat, Holzher, IMAWOP, Masterwood, NC-Hops, Format-4, WoodWOP, Xilog+, Xilog Maestro


Ways to finished CNC programs

1. CNC program from OSD Corpus+

With the construction design created with the carcase generator OSD Corpus+ and the technical data available in the background, the OSD CNC Generator creates the NC programs automatically.

2. Custom-designed with OSD Single-part-processing

Using the OSD Single-part-processing, a directly startable NC program can be generated from individual CAD designs. The 3D elements in the drawing are automatically analyzed and converted with the OSD CNC Generator for machining. Via macros you can add extra functions easily and user-friendly.

There are different possibilities to start the OSD CNC Generator and to generate the NC programs:

  • directly from drawing
  • or after the automatic transfer of the parts list to the OSD Calculation module
    (see graphic: shop counter design construction and CNC program generation)

The result in every case:
you can use the CNC programs directly on the machine!