Material management

Stock management


  • Overview of raw materials and products in stock
  • Calculation of the current inventory
  • Keep track of material orders
  • Automatic notification when stock level is too low


With the module Stock management you get an overview of the unmanufactured materials (eg. chipboard or hardware) and your products (such as doors, tables, chairs) that are currently in stock.

The program calculates your book inventory and therefore, gives an overview, based on the current stock new inbound entries and outbound usage. It also keeps track of material orders and deliveries (cancellation and reservation inquiries possible).

  • Inbound to inventory entries can be made:
    – as deliveries are received as a separate entry
    – or when an order is placed (fully or partially executed)
  • Outbound from inventory entries can be made:
    – as a separate entry
    – or using the complete parts lists of a project
    For outbound usage of material, the average waste is deducted with each entry.
  • The program starts with an important notification function: you are immediately aware of a low stock level
  • Count lists are also created for inventory by the program. After comparing a stock item from two points in time and the referencing to inbound and outbound, the wastage rates per item or per stock indicator are determined.

Because of the connection to the Ostermann Online Shop current prices of Ostermann can be transferred to optimize the stock indicators saved in the program.