Basic modules

Material receipt entry


The module OSD Material receipt entry provides the central input of incoming materials, master articles, special materials or third-party services, by manually entering of delivery notes, invoices or through taking over from orders or as current stock from OSD Calculation.

The goal of the OSD Material receipt entry is that the user has to handle a purchase invoice once.

The functions and linking of the OSD Material receipt entry with other modules of the “OSD Branchenprogramm” are very versatile. (In the picture on the right side is given an overview).

By entering the invoice data in the module, you can

  • manage purchase prices,
  • allocate deliveries to the stock,
  • declare orders and the order monitoring as completed,
  • assign materials to the review of a project
  • and transfer the purchase invoice to the OSD Open invoices management for payment

Link to OSD modules

The goods receipts entry can be based on the documents – from delivery note or invoice – or being entered manually as a summery which is being used in Time management for the purpose of a review of projects. This allows the analysis and comparison of estimated and real values of the material consumption of projects.

Furthermore, recordings of arriving and outgoing goods of those articles can be posted through transfer to the OSD Stock management.

The recording of material via barcodes (for example, EAN code/SKU#) allows you to input materials by scanner and transfer it to the program OSD Material receipt entry, to assign materials to projects or to post incoming and outgoing articles in OSD Stock management.

By assigning of expense accounts to document or item, the transfer of accounts payable invoices to DATEV (available in Europe) is possible. An optional interface for generating the transfer data in CSV format is provided.

The OSD Material receipt entry is not included in the  basic programs but can be ordered in combination with one of the modules: OSD Calculation, OSD Time management, OSD Customer order handling, OSD Ordering system or OSD Stock management.