Basic modules

Business projects management

The control center of the “OSD Branchenprogramm”

Control center

In this module, Business projects management, all belongings to an order, project information and documents of a process are clear and structural collected and traceable organized. For example, estimates / quotations, order confirmations, drawings, delivery notes, etc.

The Business projects management is the IT-based response to the classic “folder”. The name of a business project can receive the name of the back shell of a folder or simply a number.

All information that is collected within the OSD program can be simultaneously assigned to the Business project and accessed directly from here.

This centralized procedure simplifies and structures the handling of customer projects. Using this software module, users no longer have to start the individual modules in reason of searching for projects or documents belonging to the business project.

Functional principle

Any information which is created outside the OSD program (Excel and Word files, e-mails, etc.) can be saved under the hierarchic structure “files” by the user.

The storing of emails is done comfortably via drag & drop. Complete directories from the operating system can be linked with the business project or new directories can be created. Information which is not digitalized, may also be saved after recorded via scanner.

The advantages are obvious. All information is available to all employees in a network directly at their workplaces without any search effort. The information flow in the company is significantly improved. Certain restrictions of access to the information can be arranged in the administration of rights.