Basic modules

Address data management

Address management

Organize addresses

The OSD Address management as a component of our basic programs involves the entering and maintaining of customers, prospects, suppliers and employee’s addresses.

In several registers different address-specific information can be saved per address.

Important information can be assigned to each address and also opened from this location (for example, documents of OSD Correspondence and OSD Customer order handling, Microsoft Word and Excel files, CAD drawings, e-mails).

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OSD correspondence

Together with the OSD Correspondence, the OSD Address management is an indispensable marketing tool. Marketing campaigns can be prepared and handled (advertising mailings, selection of the desired addresses, assigning to a distributor) and they are transparent and traceable at all times.

standard scope

Basically, documents, lists and reports can be sent via e-mail as PDF files from all modules.
The possibility of a csv output (eg. to Microsoft Excel) is also a standard of the “OSD Branchenprogramm”.


Mobile address management (OSD MAM)

of mobile address access

With OSD MAM (Mobile address management) addresses and related information from the OSD Address management can be accessed via a web access on smartphones and tablets. The web-based address management offers the advantage that no installation of programs or apps are required.

Thus, all the addresses are available on mobile with all contact persons and contact details. This eliminates the data exchange (synchronization) with Microsoft Outlook or other systems.

You have the ability to search for a mobile address with different search criterias. Establish a connection to a contact person is possible in various ways.


  • Search for addresses with a variety of input fields
  • Communication with contact person via different ways
  • Direct call or e-mail by touching the button
  • Navigating to a selected address via Google Maps
  • Displaying catchwords of an address
  • Entering and editing addresses and communication details directly on the phone or tablet
  • Reading and adding notes belonging to an address


Caller identification


The OSD Caller identification via TAPI interface provides the ability to identify the numbers of incoming calls. The associated address in the OSD Address management is automatically opened and the communication line of the contact is highlighted.

With this module you know immediately who is calling you. All stored information of your conversation partner is quickly available without detours, even before you accept the call.

The caller information can be displayed as a small notification window (Tooltip).
It is also possible to dial numbers directly via the communication entries in the OSD Address management.