Basic modules

Basic modules

The general workspace includes the basic modules. The basic programs function comprehensively across the modules and are included in the ERP/PPC part of OSD software. The associated modules are: Address data management, Caller identification, Business projects management, Basic utilities, Database management, Report (-layout) generator, Material receipt entry.

Business projects management

Estimates / quotations, order confirmations, drawings, delivery notes and other information within the OSD program can be simultaneously assigned to the Business project and accessed directly from here.

The advantages are obvious. All information is available to all employees in a network directly at their workplaces without any search effort. The information flow in the company is significantly improved. Certain restrictions of access to the information can be arranged in the administration of rights.

Address data management

Involves the entering and maintaining of customers, prospects, suppliers and employee’s addresses.Documents of OSD Correspondence and OSD Customer order handling, Microsoft Word and Excel files, CAD drawings, e-mails and more can be assigned to an address.

OSD MAM provides web access on smartphones and tablets to addresses.The OSD Caller identification has the ability to identify incoming calls.

Material receipt entry

The module provides the central input of incoming materials, master articles, special materials or third-party services, by manually entering of delivery notes, invoices or through taking over from orders or as current stock from OSD Calculation. By entering the invoice data in the module, you can manage purchase prices, allocate deliveries to the stock, declare orders and the order monitoring as completed, assign materials to the review of a project and transfer the purchase invoice to the OSD Open invoices management for payment

Basic utilites

This module manages business critical information and settings. It includes cost rates variants, tax keys, currency and calculation units and other conditions.

The OSD Report generator ist also part of the Basic utilities to create a print mask / layout.

Database management

The software part controls the access and permissions in the OSD program.