Our products

We are your specialist for business and drawing software for woodworkers like cabinetmakers, millworkers, production companies, interior designers, kitchen manufacturers and others.

Our products are divided in

  • ERP/PPC (Enterprise Resource Planning / Production Planning and Control)
    • Basic modules plus 12 modules for different workplaces
  • CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing)
    • CAD system, Corpus+ carcase and CNC generator

OSD software is modular; thus it allows a tailored implementation in your company.

You have the ability to start with one module and add others to get the full advantage of interlinked solutions and to achieve unique synergies in your company.

By selecting the desired amount of license the OSD software can be used for all enterprise sizes.

Our power


Our users receive extensive IT support in all operational areas:
Planning (CAD), calculation, parts lists, stock management, production planning, production, material management, CNC control, time data management, resource planning, proposal preparation and order accounting. There are also various and numerous interfaces to other programs. No matter which Application area: we have the right program.

Work areas ERP/PPS

Work areas CAD/CAM