Secretary of State Katrin Schütz
visit at OS Datensysteme

+++ VIP as a guest at OS Datensysteme+++

This week, Katrin Schütz – State Secretary for Economics, Labor and Housing in Germany – visited the headquarters of OS Datensysteme GmbH in Ettlingen. She talked with CEO Bernd Keppler about innovations and the challenges of digitization in software development for wood processing companies (in the areas of ERP / PPC and CAD / CAM). Bernd Keppler also gave her an insight into the latest software developments.

The training of qualified employees with specified specialist knowledge and OS Datensysteme as an attractive employer were also topics.

We would like to thank Katrin Schütz for the constructive, pleasant conversation and for the interesting exchange of knowledge and new ideas for our company.

left to right: Prof. Klaus Schweitzer (Company co-founder OS Datensysteme GmbH),
Alexandra M’chiri (Marketing Director), Katrin Schütz (State Secretary), Connie Perathoner (Administration Director),
Bernd Keppler (Company co-founder, owner and CEO of OS Datensysteme GmbH)