About us

Who we are:

As German market leader with over 30 years of experience we know the requirements of wood processing companies. The company is owned and operated by Bernd Keppler since 1984. He was the original developer of the program module OSD Calculation and the founder of the company OS Datensysteme GmbH.

In 1991 there were already 700 users of the OSD software.
Currently our customers include more than 4,000 companies who have completed more than 25,000 installations using the software from OS Datensysteme.

What we do and who we serve:

We are developing professional software for wood processing companies and complete solutions in the areas of ERP/PPS(PPC) and CAD/CAM technology.

Our software is modular; thus it allows a tailored implementation in your company. The “OSD-Branchenprogramm” therefore, is suitable for all enterprise sizes. You can choose the programs/modules which you need. It is also possible to expand with additional modules (purchase or rent) at any time.

The special is: all programs are interlinked to each other. The advantage is, that the hassle of entering data is much lower as it is with other programs and you only need one software solution and one contact person for all issues.

Integrated IT solutions we offer for

  • Cabinet makers
  • Millworkers
  • Exhibition booth builder/manufacturer
  • Shop fitting builder/manufacturer
  • Poduction companies
  • Interior designers
  • Kitchen manufacturers
  •  Joiners

Our service contains:

Telephone support and remote maintenance (online) are an essential part of our service and be supported by qualified OSD staff members which are experienced in each sector of the trades.

We are also offering the OSD Software for rent.

“OS Datensysteme” means:

is the basis of any successful development.

is one of the most important tools for efficient management of business processes.

Datensysteme (Data systems)
form the technical basis for the use of software and process optimization. These include not only computers, but also printers, plotters, time recorder terminals, handhelds and technical equipment for the internet access.

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