Time data management

Stationary time recording

Terminal time recorder



  • TZE or TTR: Terminal time recorder
  • Recording project, task code (cost center) and employee hours
  • Use also possible on computers with low hardware requirements
  • Processing and evaluation of data in the OSD Time management


The Terminal time recorder (TTR or TZE) is another variant for the recording of hours for a project, task code (cost center) and employee. The further processing and evaluation of data take place in the OSD Time management.

The terminal software can be used on a computer on which the OSD Time management isn’t installed. The only requirement is, that this computer, on which the TTR program runs, and the server have to be connected to each other for the transmission of the recorded hours. The users of the TTR software (e.g. employees) do not have the option to view sensitive and protected data of the OSD Time management.

During development of the terminal software we took care in particular to keep the hardware requirements low. Thus, even older computers, which do not fit current requirements, can be used as a “time stamp clock” (see system requirements). TTR can be combined with other time recording methods made by OSD.

Performance + Possibilities

  • Recording of project, cost center and employee times by barcode, e.g. via a handheld scanner or touchscreen possible
  • Further processing and evaluation of the data in the OSD time management
  • Time recording on a computer or tablet in the shop, as an alternative or supplement to stationary PDC devices and mobile time recording
  • Time recording at office workstations for administration, production planning, work preparation etc
  • TTR on a computer which is integrated in a machine (e.g. CNC machining center)
  • Time recording with a laptop on site; the connection to the main system can be done via telephone network, a radio link or afterwards in the company


  • Time distribution by the employee
  • Additional activity or work notes
  • Data query: rest vacation, overtime
  • Display adjustable: order status set / actual
  • Security through password protection


Plant data collection terminals



  • PDC: Plant data collection
  • Various types of terminal devices are possible
  • Collection of project, task code (cost center) and employee hours is also possible via barcode


OSD PDC, a variant of the stationary time recording

The Plant data collection (OSD PDC) operates on a PDC terminal, installed in your company. This can be used in different combinations depending on the device characteristics.

For collection of plant data a PDC stand alone terminal or PDC Subterminal combined with a PDC server can be used.

*Please send us an inquiry to make sure that PDC hardware and software are available for your country.