Production planning

Variable parts list


  • Create detailed project and variants of parts lists
  • Create full assemblies
  • Rationalization of pricing and in work preparation / production planning


OSD Variable parts list is a supplementary module to the other module OSD Calculation & parts lists allows you to create detailed parts lists very quickly. It requires only a few inputs, for example interior dimensions of a carcase, amounts or the desired options for a cabinet / millwork item.

A high rationalization effect for pricing and in the production planning can be accomplished through the use of material variables, the combination of different variable parts lists, as well as through the automatic calculation of target hours and determination of the estimate price.

The creation of variable parts list with this OSD program is easier when you have access to stored basic constructions, for example, to a saved carcase element with overlay doors. If then a variable parts list with inset doors should be created, only the associated changes from the basic constructions to the target constructions has to be made.

You can structure extensive parts lists catalogs yourself by the simply duplicating and by creating and combining of assemblies and variants of parts lists.